Daewoo QT3 Review Compact Microwave Oven, 14 L, 600 W – White/Pink

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Manufacturer: Daewoo

Model: QT3

Category: kitchen appliance

Technology: Digital

Type: Microwave/ Standard

Color: White/ Baby pink

Weight:9 kg

Capacity: 14 L

Volume: 31.6 x 42.4 x 22.9 cm

Power Usage: 600 W

Other important features:

Compact retro exterior

For small family or singles

Transparent front window

Dual speed Timer: 35 minutes

Dual wave technology

Power output:600W

Power levels: 7 settings

Button/ Rotatory controls

Auto cook/Auto defrost/ Child -lock

Your product box will contain: Microwave 1x Warranty card 1 + Accessories


Bring this mini microwave to have an awesome experience with delicious meals on your dine. It comes to you in a white and light pink color combination. If you have a very much congested kitchen space, then this compact mini Daewoo QT1 microwave is the best choice for you. It offers to you advanced timer settings, an interior light and a transparent front window to make it easier for you to spy on your food to prevent it from over-cook and take it out safely. With a light weight of 9kg and a compact texture, you can also carry it with yourself to camping, picnic. etc. to enjoy non-stop delicious meals everywhere. It will best suit your kitchen décor and style with its mini existence and handsome look. It also gives you a dual wave feature leaving no part of your meal untouched and offers your with evenly cooked food free over-cook or un-cooked portions. You will also enjoy advanced seven temperature levels, advanced defrost settings, child-lock settings for your children safety and dial plus rotatory control with buttons.


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