ElectriQ D80F20ETL-B8J Review 20L Freestanding Digital 800w Flatbed Microwave Oven Black

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We looked at this device and the Features of the ElectriQ D80F20ETL-B8J and here’s what we found…

Manufacturer: ElectriQ

Model: D80F20ETL-B8J

Category: kitchen appliance

Technology: Digital

Type: Freestanding Flatbed Microwave

Color: Grey

Weight:15 kg

Volume: 27.1×45.7x40mm

Capacity: 20 L

Power Usage: 800 W

Other important features:

Grill: 900W

Operational Warranty: 2 yrs

Auto cook/Auto defrost/ Child -lock

For large busy families

Dual speed Timer

Button/ Rotatory controls

Left-hinged metal door handle

Transparent front window

Your product box will contain: Microwave 1x Warranty card 1 + Accessories


Unique appearance with amazing color combination, this ElectriQ D80F20ETL-B8J freestanding digital microwave comes to you in an amazing flatbed shape with a large 20L cavity capacity. With this unique shape, you can use plates with various shapes and sizes as the food you are cooking will not rotate on the oven turntable without getting stuck. Also, your meal will be cooked evenly as this flatbed microwave will distribute heat and molecule attack to all parts of it to cook it evenly in an even manner without over-cooking one portion and leaving others un-cooked. You can also put more quantity to cook into its double-shelf cavity because there is no space taken by turntable. This microwave also offers you a unique benefit that you do not need to clean the entire cavity but only the base as a rotatory turntable is absent. With all the adjustable cooking/defrost setting, take it home today to add a convenience package to your kitchen.


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