Panasonic NN-CF760M Review 27 Litre Flatbed Combination Microwave Oven in Silver

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Panasonic NN-CF760M Review

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The Panasonic NN-CF760M Details and Specs are Below:

Summary Description of this Microwave:

Panasonic NN-CF760MPBQ – Ultimate Cooking Matters. Panasonic’s NN-CF760MPBQ offers the ultimate in cooking performance, by combining the efficiency of a microwave with the traditional browning and roasting of a conventional oven. The sleek and stylish stainless steel exterior and interior is not only for aesthetics but also hygiene and ease of use; it is a lot simpler to clean than other materials. Combination Ovens. The convection oven offers a full temperature range 40, 100-250C, which ensures the success when cooking anything from meringues, cakes, pastries to Yorkshire Puddings and roast joints. In addition, the Turbo Bake program combines the Convection Oven and Grill to give extra crisping and browning to food, such as pizza, while significantly reducing the cooking time. combi5yw27L Capacity


NN-CF760M Features:

27L Capacity
Convection Oven & Quartz Grill
1000W Power With 6 Power Levels
Catalytic Self Clean Back Lining



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