Panasonic NNST462MBPQ Review 32 Litre 900 Watt Microwave Oven, Silver

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• Manufacturer: Panasonic

• Model: NNST462MBPQ

• Category: kitchen appliance

• Technology: Digital

• Type: Microwave-Inverter

• Color: Silver

• Weight:11 kg

• Volume: 38.8 x 52.5 x 31 cm

• Capacity: 32 L

• Power Usage:1000 W

Other important features:

• Family size

• Energy saving inverter technology

• Auto interior light

• 19 Push button controls

• Rust-free cavity

• Transparent front window

Your product box will contain: Microwave 1x Warranty card 1 + Accessories


To cater you to the eating mood you are in, Panasonic provides you with this all new Panasonic NNST462MBPQ 900 W digital Microwave. It comes to you in a widely preferred silver color. It is a perfect choice for your large family meal requirements for easy cooking, defrosting, baking and re-heating as it comes with powerful circuit-board for even electricity supply and a sufficient large 32L durable cavity. The range of 19 advanced programs include from Auto Weight cook to Auto Chaos defrost. It also offers five power levels from high to low. The unique Chaos Defrost program offered by it will be most convenient for you as the hardly-frozen center of the food is defrosted with the even heat supply swiftly and instantly saving your efforts and lots of time. With the advanced inverter technology, the natural flavor and charm of the food is kept intact and preserved in an energy saving manner. For best service, order it now.


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