Tower T24009 Review Manual Microwave, 800 W, 20 L – Black

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Manufacturer: Tower

Model: T24009

Category: kitchen appliance

Technology: Digital

Type: Microwave

Color: Black

Weight: 11 kg

Volume: 49.4 x 38.2 x 29.1 cm

Capacity: 20L

Power Usage: 800W

Other important features:

Vibrant black amazing design

User-friendly Rotatory controls

Temperature levels from high to low

Weight/Time defrost settings

Versatile durable cavity with auto-light

Light weight

Your product box will contain: Microwave 1x Warranty card 1 x User manual 1 + Accessories


Vibrant black color is highly preferred among wide variety colors in the kitchen units so as Tower presents you this T24009 manual microwave with a very light weight of 800W. It gives you a very user-friendly rotatory control to choose your temperature level from low to high, choose defrost action, on/off actions.etc. Its transparent window reduces your efforts to open the door again and again as you can check whatever you are cooking by looking inside through it! It has a 25 L broad capacity as that of a standard dinner plate for one person or family ideally. It also provides you with a 60-minute built-in digital timer which notifies you as the food inside is fully cooked. It has a child-lock feature also. With this ultimate kitchen partner, you can bake, fry, deep fry or reheat your food safely.


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